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Helpful Hints for First Aid

First Aid is largely common sense. Yet it is good to have an idea of what you should do in emergency circumstances, so panic does not set in. Reading through the following list will help the average person to be prepared when injury occurs.

  1. Act promptly, but do not be hasty. Look over the injured person from head to toe in a brisk but careful manner. The things you should look for are breathing obstructions, bleeding, and/or broken bones. In serious cases call, or have someone else call an ambulance.
  2. Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and chest compression procedures should be learned in advance. CPR certification is offered by many local and national organizations.
  3. Losing blood is never a good thing in emergency situations. So the first priority of the first aid responder is to stop the bleeding. Generally, a snug bandage or pressure applied to the wound will stem the flow of blood. Use direct pressure, a tourniquet is only called for in extreme circumstances.
  4. Be aware that shock is possible and even likely in the wake of severe injury. The face will be drained of color. The skin will be cold and moist. The pulse will be rapid and weak, and fainting is possible. To treat, wrap the victim in a blanket to keep warm. The patient should be calmed and should lay down, if possible.
  5. A person with neck, back, or leg injuries should not be moved except by professionals, unless it is absolutely necessary.
  6. Burns can result from not just heat but chemicals. In the case of a chemical burn, flush with water to remove the source of burning and to help cleans the wound of germs.

  7. Contact Us.

This information is presented to be helpful in emergency situations. It is as accurate as we could make it. However, information of this nature is subject to change, may be incomplete, or may not apply in all cases. Also we cannot guarantee that persons using the information will apply it correctly. However, if it is used in the spirit in which it is given, most who follow this guide will benefit from its study and application.

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