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To Do List - During An Earthquake!

Do not panic. Take care of the basics first, get under a large, stable piece of furniture like a table and hold on to it to keep it from moving away from you. If outside, get your feet on the ground and duck to avoid flying debris.
If you are inside do not try to rush out of the building. Shattering glass and falling bricks can be a great hazard for anyone leaving a building. Do not try to take elevators or stairs during the quake.
Avoid windows and glass doors, planters, bookcases, furniture on wheels, chimneys, kitchens and shopping mall walkways.
If you are outdoors when the quake strikes, stay away from buildings, dams, gas and water mains, power lines, trees, fuel tanks, vehicles, or anything else that could fall on you or roll over you.
If you are driving, pull off the road and stay clear of bridges, overpasses and parking garages
Avoid smoking or using an open flame in case of a gas main leak.
Prepare for aftershocks
If you are on a waterfront head for high ground immediately; earthquakes often create huge waves capable of incredible damage.

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