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To Do List - Before An Earthquake!

Develop a plan of action in the event of an earthquake.
Agree with friends and family on a contact point that is outside of the quake zone. With one contact point, you will avoid tying up phone lines, and friends and family can go to one safe source for news about you and others in the zone.
Locate the safe and the dangerous spots around your home and office so that you can act quickly should the need arise.
Check your house to make sure it is up to earthquake codes. Is the foundation bolted to the house? Is your hot water heater bolted down?
Know how to shut down utilities at their source to ensure quick closing of gas and water leaks and to secure electrical lines.
Protect fragile valuables with latched cupboards, cushioning, etc.
Make sure you have a kit that includes a jackknife, a flashlight, a GPS device, a waterfilter, and a solar/windup radio.
Make sure there is always plenty of gas in your vehicle.
Store flammable liquids outside of the house.
Prepare a package of emergency suplies that includes food, water, a first-aid kit, and cash. It is best to have this cache be capable of lasting the entire family for at least three days.
Back up personal and business records periodically and store outside the earthquake zone.

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