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To Do List - After An Earthquake!

Make sure you get your shoes on, there may be considerable glass shards and other object that could injure your feet. Medical attention may not be immediately available, so this is a bad time to hurt yourself through negligence.
Do not move anyone who is seriously injured unless other danger is imminent. If possible, let trained medical personnel make this judgement.
If you join rescue work, tread warilly as building foundations will be weak and there is the possibility of an aftershock.
If you think that there may be damage to utilities then shut them off.
Use your radio to find out information about the quake, what other dangers might be lurking and what to do about them.
Avoid tying up communication lines. Unhung phones can cause systems to shut down, so be sure to hang up all phones.
Be judicious about leaving your present location to search for loved ones or to travel home. Moving about just after an earthquake can bring you up against unexpected hazards like broken gas mains, unpassable roads and downed power lines.
Remember to preserve your water supplies (toilet tanks, hot water heaters). Don't trust unknown water sources, make sure you boil the water or chlorinate.
Watch out for looters, some may be armed and dangerous.
Police and military personnel may be sent into the area. Be sure you do not appear to be a looter to them.
Finally, do not panic. There will be plenty to do and to worry about. Take care that children are reassured. Remember, help is on the way.

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